shindan thing…. last year lol.  i got Kano/Seto x:

random senyuu stuffs

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This time on Streamline Samples, we have a 4koma by Riisu! It’s a really silly story about Rinderella and his misadventures. Super cute and ridiculous, I know I couldn’t keep a straight face reading it. 

If you’re looking for something to give you the chucks, please consider buying Streamline to the Sky! We have this 4koma along with other comics you can read! Orders would be open around the end of January. We’ll make a post on that, so keep your eyes peeled! Please follow us so you don’t miss it  ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ 

For now, you can check our page, the contributor’s list, and also read more about the book here. We updated the page with every sample we have, so it’s probably worth to take a look at!

My name is riisu and my hobby is including bullying Rin.

^0^ Buy our anthology!! you won’t regret it winkwonk

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sorry for never updating… tumblr really scares the hell of me for various reasons haha

AFA 2013 prints ye

so nervous for AFAID… haha

Anyway! stuffs from this post! my keychains are canceled for AFA, I am really sorry >_<

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